Habitation Velier Jamaica Pure Single Rum Hampden LFCH 2011


Habitation Velier

Rum / Rhum / Ron

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Fantastic among the latest creations developed by Hampden Distillery for Habitation Velier, a line that the legendary Luca Gargano dedicates to Pure Single Rums distilled with pot stills, is this Jamaica "LFCH", distilled in 2011 and released on the market in 2018.

A bottling with important and original scents that comes from a distillation that uses the discontinuous method, and then matures for 7 years in Jamaica; bottling takes place at full capacity, that is, directly from the barrique, without any dilution with water.

A piece made in a very limited number with which Velier confirms its name in the world of quality spirits.

Habitation Velier LFCH 2011 is a Rum that catches the eye for its typically amber, bright and brilliant color. On the nose a very complex palette of aromas is distinguished, a multiplicity of fruits and floral scents follow one another animatedly up to different spices. In the mouth it is soft, enveloping, velvety almost juicy.


70 Cl

60,5 % Vol