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Rum Trinidad

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Caroni 12 yo Rum 100 Proof is a rum that comes from the last stock of barrels of the Caroni distillery, subsequently bottled in Scotland in 2012 after maturing for twelve years in a tropical climate.

Founded in 1923 on the site of the sugar factory from which it takes its name with the decline of Trinidad's sugar industry, distillers on the islands became increasingly dependent on molasses from other countries, making distillation less economical. Caroni will close in 2002.

Two years later, in 2004 Luca Gargano comes into possession of many of the barrels left in the Caroni warehouses. Since then we have seen a series of top-level releases that have proved increasingly popular with both collectors and users. 

In the eyes of a light amber it is a rum that immediately presents itself for its extraordinary complexity, full, full of aromas and flavors, macerated fruit, wood, beeswax and honey, for a full sip and a broad persistence despite a gradation not very high.


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