The essential accessory for every type of smoker!
Cigarette lighters, cigar lighters or pipe lighters...piezoelectric (soft flame) or jet flame...different flames for a single passion!!
The first lighter was made by J.W. doberiner In the 1823 (4 years before the match). Before LPG, petrol was usually used as fuel, still preferred today by some manufacturers including Zippo. The preference for this compared to the classic liquefied gas is due to the insensitivity of petrol to temperature, consequently the flame generated is constant at any temperature of the lighter.
Currently we could divide lighters into two categories, refillable and "disposable". The former are more carefully made and technologically better, and are mainly made of metal, sometimes precious (silver and gold), and many models are collectors' items. Disposables (produced and manufactured by 1973) are made of plastic material, cost less and, as the name suggests, when the gas charge is exhausted they are unusable and must be thrown away. To these are added some lighters in plastic material, in any case equipped with a valve for refilling the gas and with a removable primer block to allow the replacement of the flint.
An indispensable tool as well as representing a gift idea that is certainly appreciated and useful!