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Black Tot

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Black Tot Rum

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North Star Tarot 'The Fool' 6 y.o.

'The Fool' is a deliciously blended Scotch whisky, carefully crafted and aged for six years in ex-oloroso refill casks.

This small-batch blend features a vintage 2016 combination of bottled malt and grain whiskies with a robust 57.3 percent alcohol content.

With its attractive price and rich flavor profile, it is a product we recommend to all whiskey enthusiasts and beyond!!!

Rum and cigars?

The right combination for your every occasion

The combination of rum and Caribbean cigar is one of the most classic and revisited in history. Visit our proposals


Dal Moro since 1918

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Silver Seal

Silver Seal is a name that is part of the history of world whisky, and not just Italian whisky: synonymous with whisky and rum marked by excellence and absolute quality for more than 40 years.

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