Renaissance Distillery Rum White Alligator Single Cask 18257


Renaissance Distillery

Rum Taiwan

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This rum is something very special. 

Renaissance Distillery is known for providing all imaginable information on their back label. 

It is a single barrel bottling based on molasses. It is fermented for 15 days, during which time Dunder is added in the process.

Subsequently it is stored in a new American white oak barrel, with a high degree of toasting.

This coupled with Taiwan's high temperatures means you get a rum that despite being only 3 years old looks much older and more mature.

Only 205 bottles of this exciting rum were bottled.
Double distillation, first time for 7 hours, second time for 13 hours.

By Head Distillery Oliver Caen

70 Cl

64,8% Vol.

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