Tenjaku Pure Malt Whisky




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Tenjaku is created in the city of Fuefuki, located in the eastern part of the Kofu basin. Looking towards Mount Fuji and the Southern Alps, it represents a blessed place surrounded by boundless nature with verdant forests, beautiful orchards, hot springs and crystal clear streams. The moderate mineral content present in the water of this area contributes to the creation of a smooth and easy to drink whiskey, with a balanced flavor, with a slightly alkaline nature. The symbol of Tenjaku, represented on the bottle, is the lark (hibari), a beloved herald of spring in the east and west. Like the light and harmonious song of this little bird, so the flavor of Tenjaku whiskey is pleasantly pure and soft. Carefully selected whiskey and pure, natural spring water are expertly blended to create this distinctive whiskey, with a harmonious and exquisitely balanced finish.


70 Cl

43% Vol.