Akashi Whisky Blended Sherry Cask


Eigashima Distillery

Whisky Giappone

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Blended Sherry Cask is composed of a blend of 70 percent grain whiskies and single malts from pure barley malt for the remaining 30 percent. The double distillation takes place through two traditional pot stills, the discontinuous process stills, which remain in operation for no more than a couple of months a year and thus allow for a particularly limited production, as much as of recognized quality. The maturation of the spirit thus produced takes place inside ex-Bourbon American oak barrels for a period of between 3 and 4 years, while further aging takes place for a few months in ex-Sherry oak barrels, which lend a shade of greater elegance to the final product.

50 Cl

40% Vol.

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