Ardbeg Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky "Hypernova" Limited Edition



Whisky Scozia Islay

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Hypernova is arguably the smokiest whiskey Ardbeg has ever presented. The culmination of the success of the Ardbeg Supernova series, this scotch is distinguished by its extremely peaty character; so extreme that the producers themselves define its intensity as '' brutal ''.

An experience as original as it is unmissable.

The latest addition to the Supernova family ready to take the scents of peat to levels never reached before.

Hypernova promises a powerful burst of flavor that passes from peaty, its workhorse, to chocolate and bitter almonds, then slipping into persistent spicy notes, such as anise and cloves. The finish is characterized by a remarkable smoking, with earthy and herbaceous hints.

70 Cl

51% Vol.

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