Akashi Blended Whisky


Eigashima Distillery

Whisky Giappone

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Founded in 1888, White Oak produced only classic Sake until 1984, when the facility was expanded and stills were added for whiskey production. After a few initial years of run-in, Akashi was born, the distillery's first blended, a whiskey with no definition of age and created solely from single malts sourced from White Oak itself; special feature: the stills at this distillery are put to use only one month a year, it goes without saying that the quantity is very small!

Deep amber color with vivid auburn highlights, the nose strikes with sweet and spicy notes of cinnamon, caramel and toffee, hints of black pepper and sweeter tones of vanilla, with candied orange peel in the background. The taste is powerful, almost viscous in texture, very smooth and structured, rich in toasted and roasted hints that leave a slight smoky hint.

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40% Vol.

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