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Gin as we know it today appears for the first time in the Netherlands towards the middle of the seventeenth century and then spread in England, almost becoming its national drink.

Legend has it that already at the beginning of the 11th century a wine distillate infused with juniper berries was used by the monks and pharmacists of the Salerno Medical School as a tonic and energizer.

The first proto-gin of which there is news in the literature is therefore Italian!
In the hills around Salerno, luxuriant juniper plants grew and were used in the stills of monks and pharmacists.
In a collection of treatises from 1055, the Compendium Salernita, there is talk of a wine distillate, infused with juniper berries.

Gin Point Five is inspired by the Italian alchemical tradition and was born from the desire to produce alcoholic beverages starting from wine alcohol.
The name of the brand is inspired by its alcohol content with half a degree (41.5), in addition to the fact that the ingredients of this gin are just 5: wine alcohol, ginger, juniper, angelica and sweet orange.

Point Five is a gin that moves away from the traditional grain alcohol by using alcohol from wine which gives softness both from an olfactory point of view and on the palate, thanks also to the presence of sweet orange. Juniper and ginger are clearly distinguished, the tasting remains dry thanks to the angelica, allowing a slightly spicy, fresh finish with distinct floral notes.

An elaborate of absolute quality that cannot be missing in the bottle bottle for lovers of this distillate and more!



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