Caroni Rum 23 y.o.



Rum Trinidad

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Caroni 1994 23 y.o. 'Guyana stock'

This Caroni spends 23 very long years in oak barrels, 14 of which in the tropical climate of Trinidad and another 9 in that of Guyana. With an angel share of 85%. Rum is produced with excellent sugar cane molasses of the highest quality, which was grown directly on the island of Trinidad & Tobago. The distillate has always been famous for the intensity of its aromas and the enveloping softness due to the long period of aging in noble woods. 

The rum has an intense amber color, elegant to the eye. The nose immediately reveals a broad and refined bouquet, with very broad and complex aromas, citrus and spicy, followed by coffee and licorice with deep spicy and vanilla notes.
A complex, warm finish follows with a very long persistence.


70 Cl

57,18% Vol

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