Beenleigh 2006 Tropical Ageing 15 y.o.


Beenleigh Distillery

Rum Australia

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Alongside its official bottlings, Beenleigh has started a relationship with La Maison & Velier and the first releases are two very special rums, unique within the Australian rum legacy.

Beenleigh has two warehouses: a first located near the distillery and a second in the south of the country, in Renmark in the Barossa Valley, a semi-desert environment.
Aged for 15 years with a total Angel's Share percentage of over 23%, the 2006 Tropical Aging version was distilled in Single Column and Pot Still, then subsequently aged in ex-Brandy barrels, then ex-Bourbon American Oak and finally in Kauri Pine barrels with over 120 years of life. Overproof bottled at 59 °.


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59% Vol.

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