Dèfi Extreme Vintage Brushed Copper Jet Flame Lighter



Accendini Jet Flame

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ST Dupont continues to innovate by offering even higher performance with the new Défi Extrême lighter. Its affirmed, dynamic and resolutely masculine design is a true symbol of performance, while its unique and original concept proposes an injected metal body and a protective coating in highly resistant semi-rigid MATERIALS. Its ergonomics, which make it particularly easy to use, and its tactile functionality, together with the diamond point decoration, make it an authentic "object" to always carry with you, because it is effective in all circumstances. The powerful and uniform blue torch flame withstands even the strongest winds. Défi Extrême is able to operate in the coldest temperatures (-10°C) as well as in the hottest ones (+45°C) and up to an altitude of over 3,500m, where other lighters are impossible to use.

Lighter sold without gas, refill sold separately.


Width 4.5cm

Height 6.8cm

Thickness 1.5cm

Ricarica gas: rossa per Extreme & XXtreme Challenge (REF 900436)

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