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This Terre Catarratto Bianco IGT "Biosfera" from Cantine Pellegrino 1880 is a white wine of great freshness and pleasantness. It is made from organically grown catarratto grapes. The vineyards are located in Mazara del Vallo in the province of Trapani, on a limestone and sandy soil type of the Sicilian hinterland, the vines are well ventilated and undergo valuable temperature excursions. The result is a simple, flavorful wine, perfect for summer.

Luminous in appearance, straw yellow in color, the nose reveals distinct and pleasant floral notes of orange blossom and citrus, an herbaceous and slightly aromatic tone inelegantates the wine expressing itself mainly through intense and fresh sage scents. On the palate it is light and with good freshness, it is savory and medium-bodied.

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