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The Brebbia laboratory is the oldest in Italy and briar pipes are still made in respect of the Italian tradition. The quality of the works is universally recognized for the peculiar characteristics of the briar used and for the innovative but functional design.

In over 70 years of activity, Brebbia has earned this recognition thanks mainly to the happy location of its laboratory. The production in fact takes place in a sandstone basin at the bottom of the valley closed on all sides and crossed far and wide by the Bardello river, emissary of Lake Varese. The very basic soil and the extreme humidity present all year round generate a perfect microclimate for the natural seasoning of the briar, which here is able to almost totally expel the tannin contained in the heather roots. The tannic acid contained in all the roots, but in particular in the heather root, is in fact the main cause of the bad taste of a pipe, especially at the first smokes.

Brebbia also has a deep respect for craft techniques by carrying out the 50 processing phases completely by hand or with the aid of small electric motors, using vegetable colors and non-toxic natural essences tested over time and kept secret.


Pipe materials: Briar
Finishing: Smooth
Mouthpiece material: acrylic
Length: 14 cm
Internal diameter of the stove: 2 cm
Outer diameter of the stove: 4 cm
Cooker depth: 3.5 cm
Weight: 45g


* The pipe will be shipped in its original packaging. The photo has the sole purpose of representing the product. The grain of the briar may vary from the model in the photo.

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