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Produced in the laboratories of Cuty Fort Enterprises according to the design of the two artists Yves Grenard and Pierre Morel, the Chapuis-Comoy, better known as Chacom, has a history and a tradition that far exceeds the century of history.

Heir to a centuries-old and emblematic know-how that fully represents the French tradition, in recent years he is committed to modernizing the image of the pipe while respecting its history. Since 2013, the laboratories the company has received the "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" award, a real seal that places it among the French excellences.
The philosophy of the house is to be able to satisfy every customer request, be it a modern "Fancy" pipe, a solid pipe for everyday use or a fine pipe with a delicate grain and prestigious ornaments.
The "Reverse Calabash" collection is appreciated for its captivating and extremely modern shape, simple to use, giving a unique smoke of its kind.

Pipe materials: Briar
Finishing: Smooth
Mouthpiece material: Methacrylate
Length: 11.1 cm
Inner stove diameter: 2.1 cm
Outer diameter stove: 4.1 cm
Cooker depth: 3.4 cm
Weight: 44 grams



* The pipe will be shipped in its original packaging. The photo has the sole purpose of representing the product. The grain of the briar may vary from the model in the photo.

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