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A volume as complete as it is simple to consult, which since its first release (in 2015) has become a real manual for bartenders, for those who already know the arts of mixology and feel the need for a refresher or an update, but also for beginners who want to approach the complex world of mixed drinking.
In this volume, now in its second updated edition, Dom Costa creates a real glossary of terms used in international bartending, but it doesn't stop there.
In addition to the rest, here you will also find compelling stories of the birth of many of the world's most beloved drinks, stories of bartenders who have left an indelible mark in the field of mixology, analysis of new trends and much more.

Dom Costa is an international bartender with 40 years of experience in the hospitality industry.
Expert in the history of bartending and passionate researcher on the world of mixology, he has collaborated with some of the most important magazines in the sector making contributions on the world of mixology and activating correspondence from the great mixed drinking capitals in the world.
He currently works in various companies of national and international importance as a consultant.


Format: 17x24 cm - Hard cover

Pages: 160

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