L 'Inquisitor Umbria White IGT Decugnano dei Barbi


Decugnano dei Barbi

Vini Italia Umbria

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The name "The Inquisitor" evokes a sense of challenge, a challenge in producing a wine from an international varietal at a time when critics and many enthusiasts favor native grape varieties. So here is where the back label makes it clear: "The inquisitor is you, who judges this wine even before tasting it."

This Sauvignon Blanc comes from an old vineyard and only saw the light of day with the 2016 vintage, with a very limited production of bottles. The result has been incredibly surprising and exciting, so much so that it has prompted us to continue the production of this engaging, distinct and extremely captivating wine.

Accept our challenge: taste it!

Composition: Sauvignon Blanc

75 Cl

14% Vol.

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