Lustau Sherry vinegar "Solera" 1/24




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From the purest sherries of Emilio Lustau ...

Two vinegars aged in American oak barrels following the “Solera y Criaderas” system. The 1/24 Sherry Solera Vinegar comes from a 24-barrel Solera, while the 1/5 Pedro Ximenez Sherry Solera Vinegar comes from a 5-barrel Solera and is later blended with Sherry Pedro Ximenez, which gives it a touch of sweetness and elegance.
Thanks to aging, both condiments acquire a unique flavor and dark tones, capable of conquering the most demanding chefs. Sherry vinegars are the perfect product for salads, roasted peppers and other typical Andalusian dishes and all recipes that require the use of vinegar. A few drops are enough to give a strong character to any dish.


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