Valle d’Aosta Chardonnay 2018 PDO "Cuvée Bois" Les Cretes


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One of the greatest Italian Chardonnays, whose fermentation and maturation take place in wooden barrels which give the wine a significant taste-olfactory complexity and great depth. Long and very pleasant, the Valle d’Aosta Chardonnay PDO "Cuvée Bois" 2018 by Les Crêtes is the demonstration of the whole class of wines from Les Crêtes and Valle d’Aosta in general. Excellent even over long distances, after years of aging in the cellar, its freshness and persistence remain unforgettable.

Yellow with bright golden reflections, the nose expresses all its character thanks to intense notes of ripe fruit and spices embellished with a pleasant toasted note. In the mouth it is persistent, elegant, of considerable complexity, savory and soft, rich and tasty. Impeccable in closing, on light notes of butter.


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