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Rum / Rhum / Ron

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Produced by Habitation Velier in Reunion Island Savvanna Herr White is a pure single white Rum and represents one of the avant-garde of mixology and the purest expression of sugar cane or molasses.

Their strength lies in the high alcohol content and the richness of aromatic non-alcoholic elements, as for Savanna Herr White, an edition at 62.5% abv with 499.9 g / hlpa of esters.

Vitreous to the eye, it presents itself with a truly exciting range of scents. At the beginning the scene is dominated by cane sugar, and then turns towards beeswax, fruit and then again in the direction of mentholated and spicy touches. In the mouth it is rich and round with apricot tones and hints of cinnamon and licorice.

70 Cl

62,5% Vol.