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The English Harbor Rum is produced according to the classic English style aged for 5 years is an elegant distillate with a light and delicate taste, produced on the beautiful Caribbean island of Antigua. It is made starting from a high quality raw material: the best sugar cane molasses available on the island, which allows to obtain a distillate of great finesse, with a slightly fruity bouquet, enriched by subtle spicy aromas and light toasted and smoky hints . It is a rum of medium structure, aromatically refined, soft and smooth.  

The Antigua Distillery was founded in the 1930s by Portuguese farmers, who, tired of working under the orders of the British in the sugar cane plantations, created an independent distillery to produce Rum directly. The manufacturing process begins with a long fermentation of the best sugar cane molasses with yeasts and water, then proceeds to the traditional distillation using a continuous triple column still. At the end of the distillation, the Rum ages for 5 years in small ex Bourbon oak barrels on the Island of Antigua. The use of fine noble woods helps to give the Rum a complex and evolved taste, with multifaceted and elegant aromas.

Light mahogany color, with light coppery reflections. The bouquet offers aromas of ripe yellow fruit, tropical fruit, notes of dried fruit, hints of cinnamon, soft spices, toasted and smoky nuances. The entrance on the palate is soft and enveloping, with a sip characterized by a ripe, harmonious and persistent fruit, which anticipates a pleasantly fresh and spicy finish.


70 Cl

40% Vol.

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