Crown by Poul Winslow Serie 200 A791C


Poul Winslow

Pipe Dritte

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Poul Winslow directed the production of Preben Holm for fifteen years and in 1985 decided to start his own business.

His wealth of ideas and his courage to shape shapes and use particular colors are the factors that characterize his pipes. If an expert thinks he can identify Winsløw's style, he is wrong as he constantly changes it.

For a certain period of time he decorated most of his "Straight Grain" with real colored acrylics applied to the end of the torch. Today some pipes are instead adorned with real silver and sometimes even have an almost classic style. Poul Winsløw loves to show his art to the public and for this purpose he travels to Germany and Denmark where he stays several weeks a year. Blending customer wishes with his ideas is an ongoing challenge.

It currently has two collaborators and together they produce about 3,000 pipes a year, marketed in various countries along with those of Dunhill and Stanwell; it is undoubtedly an ideal combination as in this way a single house not only offers Danish series pipes, but also high quality classic English style products as well as unique pieces handmade by a freehand artist.

Pipe materials: Briar
Finishing: Smooth
Mouthpiece material: acrylic
Length: 14.5 cm
Internal diameter of the stove: 2 cm
Outer diameter of the stove: 3.8 cm
Cooker depth: 2.9 cm
Weight: 45g


* The pipe will be shipped in its original packaging. The photo has the sole purpose of representing the product. The grain of the briar may vary from the model in the photo.

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