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Pipe Semicurve

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Volkan pipes are handmade by Alberto Francesco Paronelli in Gavirate near Varese. The pipes are made with mainly Sardinian briar from Gallura or Corsica.

The Owner Alberto oversees the process of quarrying, cutting, boiling and seasoning entrusted for over 25 years to an expert cutting master. 

The passion for pipes was born in Alberto's family in 1945.

From the founder of the family business, grandfather Jean Marie Alberto Paronelli, defined precisely as a "volcano of ideas in ferment", and through the experience of his father Antonio we arrive at the third generation in the world of pipes with Alberto (Volkan Pipe) and his brother Ariberto (Paronelli Pipe) who continue to work with the same passion as their grandfather for pipes.


Pipe materials: Briar
Finishing: Smooth
Mouthpiece material: acrylic
Length: 13.5 cm
Inner stove diameter: 2.2 cm
Outer diameter of the stove: 4 cm
Cooker depth: 5 cm
Weight: 43g


* The pipe will be shipped in its original packaging. The photo has the sole purpose of representing the product. The grain of the briar may vary from the model in the photo.

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