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South of Dublin, where the metropolis has already taken on a suburban appearance and at the foot of the Wicklow Mountains, is the headquarters of one of the oldest pipe factories in the world: the Peterson of Dublin.

The company is still called "Kapp & Peterson" today in memory of the founders, the brothers Friedrich and Heinrich Kapp of Nuremberg. The story goes that the latter opened in 1865 a shop for smokers, named Kapp-Brothers, in Dublin's elegant Grafton Street. Around the same time, the Irishman Charles Peterson began producing briar pipes and in 1890 discovered the famous system of reservoir. This system is based on the presence of a tank in the torch under the head which has the task of keeping the tobacco dry and conveying the humidity in the tank. Charles Peterson showed up in the shop of the two Germans with this revolutionary invention, for which he was subsequently awarded two gold medals in London, and shortly thereafter the first stone was laid for the creation of the Kapp & Peterson company.

The Kapries collection is a limited edition, it can be appreciated for the contrast between the typical sandblasting of its finishing and the wonderful silver real that gives it an original elegance.

Pipe materials: Briar
Finishing: Sandblasted
Mouthpiece material: methacrylate
Length: 14.6 cm
Internal diameter of the stove: 2 cm
Outer diameter of the stove: 3.4 cm
Cooker depth: 3.5 cm
Weight: 49g


* The pipe will be shipped in its original packaging. The photo has the sole purpose of representing the product. The grain of the briar may vary from the model in the photo.

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