Roccheri 2018 Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC Marchesi di Barolo


Marchesi di Barolo

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Nebbiolo is a very eclectic grape variety. From the limestone / clayey hills of medium texture it extracts an abundance of trace elements that enrich the structure; from soils rich in quartz sands and silt it picks up fragrant and fruity aromas: the result is a wine that combines body with elegance, fruitiness with fullness and harmony.

The color is ruby red, with garnet reflections. Fragrant notes, reminiscent of wild berries, gradually give way to floral hints of violet and wild rose. A light spicy note of vanilla adds complexity to the range of sensations. The flavor is intense but harmonious and balanced, with soft tannins, never too much in evidence.

Thanks to its structure, it goes well with tasty appetizers, first courses with rich condiments, roasted or stewed meats. It is the ideal companion for cold cuts and aged cheeses.


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