Capovilla Apricots from Vesuvius



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Vittorio Capovilla is a peasant distiller with an almost maniacal passion for fruit, he produces numerous varieties in the land near the distillery and those he is unable to cultivate he goes looking for around Italy and the internal world. For this Vesubio apricot distillate, the "Capo" selects apricots grown on the slopes of the volcano. The fruits are pitted and shredded until they reach the consistency of a puree, to then ferment spontaneously with their own yeasts. The slow distillation takes place in a Muller discontinuous alembic in a bain-marie. It should be enjoyed as per the oldest tradition, at the end of a meal, perhaps to honor special moments. For those who want to dare, 2 or 3 drops are enough on a dessert or to perfume raw fish, or to clearly mark a cocktail.


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