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And here is the full version of Capovilla Bianco!

The fresh cane juice slowly ferments in thermo-regulated stainless steel cuves. Later it is distilled by Maestro Vittorio Gianni Capovilla. The reduction to 56% is done with sky water. The best agricultural rum in the world has just been produced.  

Sugar cane expresses itself with great delicacy. He proudly carries the aromatic palette. Its white (peach, pear), red (raspberry, cherry in alcohol), exotic (pineapple, passion fruit), its tertiary notes (light tar, leather, tobacco), dried fish, hay and ginger fresh are seductive and sensual.  
On the palate it is a riot of top quality ripe fruit and spices. Star anise, clove, cinnamon feed the center of the mouth. Then grapefruit, bergamot and white flowers, then almond and pistachio.
The finish is long, greasy. A white of the highest level that cannot be missing in the bottle bottles of connoisseurs.


70 Cl

56% Vol.