Capovilla Peaches from Vigna Pasta Rossa



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To produce the Capovilla Pesche di vigna Pasta Rossa, the red-fleshed vine peaches are grown on the farm of Vittorio "Gianni" Capovilla, in totally natural agriculture, in the land near the distillery. In order to extract all the aromas, the peaches are first pitted and then ground until they reach the consistency of a puree, which ferments spontaneously, without the addition of selected yeasts, and finally slowly distilled twice in a discontinuous Muller alembic in a bain-marie. It should be enjoyed as per the oldest tradition, at the end of a meal, perhaps to honor special moments. For those who want to dare, 2 or 3 drops are enough on a dessert or to perfume raw fish, or to clearly mark a cocktail.


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