Clairin Casimir 9 Rècolte 2021



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Clairin Casimir 9 Récolte: a unique essence of the Caribbean!
Haiti represents the last bastion of rum. Clairins are handcrafted, often from small distilleries, in a unique corner of the Caribbean that has retained its authenticity in an increasingly modernized Western world.

Clairin Casimir 9 Récolte, produced in Barraderes, 8 hours from the capital, is a unique essence, with unhybridized Hawaiian cane. Faubert Casimir, an elegant and calm man, lives in a bygone era.

Using the Hawaii sugar cane variety, imported from the East, he creates this pure distillate with natural fermentation in wooden vats.

Local herbs such as aniseed and lemongrass give the liquid an extraordinary flavor profile, with notes ranging from candied fruit to herbs and truffle.

Clairin Casimir is an unparalleled sensory experience, a journey through time and taste in every sip.

Here is the 9.0 version harvested in 2021.

70 Cl

51.50% Vol.

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