Clairin Sonson 9 Rècolte 2021



Rhum Haiti

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Madame Meuze sugar cane at the heart of Clairin Sonson.

Clairin Sonson is the fifth addition to the prestigious Spirit of Haiti range, launched in 2013.

This Clairin Sonson 9 Récolte 2021 Rhum Agricole is created by Stephan Kalil Saoud, located in Cabaret, north of Port-au-Prince. Stephan grows an unhybridized sugarcane variety known as Madame Meuze, which gives the distillate herbal and slightly mineral notes.

Sonson is an eloquent example of how terroir, sugarcane varieties and traditional production techniques have a significant impact on the flavor profile of these distillates, which are universally recognized as among the most genuine in the world.

Here is version 9 harvested in 2021.

70 Cl

51% Vol.

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