Nomad among the barrels Edizioni Velier (English)


Edizioni Velier


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 The memoir on rum written by the Genoese Luca Gargano, the world's leading expert and true pioneer who changed the history of this great distillate. An extraordinary story through time and space, on the trail of the undisputed lord of the Caribbean: rum.

It is the unique adventure of the discoveries and selections of Luca Gargano, the Genoese who marked decisive stages in the history of this distillate, bringing the most demanding palates of Europe and the world to know not only the excellent rum, but the he very soul of a culture, the beating heart of a universe made up of taste and respect for nature, music and work in the fields, unique distilleries and exceptional people, conviviality and the pleasure of living. From the seventies to the near future; from Cuba to the most unreachable corners of the Caribbean islands, passing through meetings with the most diverse people, including Fidel Castro, Gérard Depardieu or Niki Lauda, ​​​​the parable of a passion that led Luca Gargano to conquer one success after another , one rum after another, uniting past and future in a timeless dance.

Author: Luca Gargano

Language: English

Publication year: 2019

Pages: 288


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