Calvados Drouin Experimental Hampden Angels


Christian Drouin


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Hampden Angel is composed of a Calvados Pays d'Auge aged 14 years and aged for 8 months in 4 barrels that had previously contained the famous Jamaican Rum Hampden.
Being the 4 American oak barrels, this calvados del Pays d'Auge has been redeveloped as Cider brandy to comply with the Pays d'Auge naming rules. The Eau de vie was bottled at 44% vol.

Rich in high esters, the nose is very complex and direct with flavors of ripe banana, coffee, dark chocolate, vanilla and baked apples.
The mouth is extraordinarily rich and powerful. High acidity, long lasting with torified notes on the finish.

Only 1296 bottles produced


70 Cl

44% Vol.

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