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Christian Drouin


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Mars Angels is made from a 13 year aged Pays d'Auge calvados that has been finished for 8 months in 3 former barrels from the exclusive Mars Distillery in Japan. The barrels of the tree were previously used for aging Mars single Malt Komagatake.

Being the 3 American oak barrels, this calvados del Pays d'Auge has been redeveloped as Cider brandy to comply with the Pays d'Auge naming rules. The Eau de vie was bottled at 43%. vol.

The nose offers an excellent balance between fresh apples and barley, hints of pear and peach. Mars Angels is a very delicate spirit, with an elegant mouth.

A subtle marriage between Normandy and Japan. Buy it exclusively on Spirit Academy.

930 bottles produced.


70 Cl

43% Vol.

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