Drouin Expression 2022 Tres Pomme Limited Edition


Christian Drouin


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The Drouin Expression 2017 Tres Pommes is a Calvados Pays D'auge produced from the 30 varieties of cider apples that Christian and Guillaume Drouin harvest in the family orchards. The apples are broken and left to macerate, in order to obtain the right color, as well as greater roundness. The juice is obtained after a soft pressing like that of champagne, where only 65% of the total juice is extracted. The spontaneous fermentation is followed by a long maturation of the cider, which will then be distilled in the traditional Charentais alembic still. Aging takes place in barrels that previously contained other calvados from the Maison Drouin. The name Tres Pommes identifies those calvados with a particularly marked aromatic intensity of the apple. Limited edition bottled in June 2017, for a total number of 1200 bottles. A product not to be missed !!!

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53% Vol.

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