Black Leather Cigar Case with Wooden Lid for 3/5 Cigars



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This beautiful case features an exterior covered in the finest black suede from India that will take on an alluring patina over time, transforming into a one-of-a-kind piece all your own. Real wood with a glossy finish adorns the lid and bottom where the wood is tastefully hidden from view for a clean, understated look. The interior is equally impressive with Spanish cedar veneer lining and a divider system that keeps 3 to 5 of your favorite cigars in the perfect environment while limiting movement and decreasing the possibility of damage when you're on the move.

The spacious case can accommodate a wide variety of cigar diameters, and the adjustable length will prove equally versatile in handling different cigars up to Double Corona size. The flexibility offered by this case allows you to take a selection of your favorite shapes and sizes anywhere. This means no more settling for this or that, no more getting caught off guard. You'll always have the right cigar for every occasion.


Width 7 cm

Length 15 cm

Thickness 3.3 cm

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