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Adorini Modena Deluxe humidor offers an elegant link with the past and offers the best of humidor innovation.

A precise front-mounted analog hair hygrometer adds an extra touch of distinction to the exterior, while an extra-thick corpus makes the construction sturdy and durable. The sturdy square 24k gold dial hinges offer smooth action when opening the lid to reveal the interior in Spanish cedar with adorini's unique ventilation slats for improved air circulation.

Maintaining adequate humidity for up to 75 Corona cigars will never be a problem with adorini's acrylic polymer gold plated deluxe humidifier. This well crafted piece of jewelry comes with adjustable ventilation openings so you can find that perfect humidity level for your cigars. The humidifier is attached to the underside of the lid by magnets and a metal plate hidden under the cedar veneer to further optimize space and humidity control.

Capacity for up to 75 corona cigars.



Width 29 cm

Length 24 cm

Height 11 cm

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