Black Hard Leather Cigar Case for 3/5 Cigars



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The case features a luxurious genuine leather exterior of the finest quality. As this leather ages, it will develop an intriguing patina, a personality all its own that will begin to tell the story of its travels, your travels. Scrolling through the adjustable case reveals a Spanish cedar veneer interior that not only makes the case stiffer, but also offersup to 5 cigarsthe optimal environment for those quick cigar escapes.

With a convenient view of the cigar band, you can easily choose the right cigar for the right time without having to lift each cigar from the case to find the one you want. Adorini's divider system helps keep cigars separate and prevents them from moving around unnecessarily during transport, which could otherwise cause damage to the cigars. In need of more space? No problem! Just remove the dividers to free up some extra space.

The leather's beautiful appearance, high-quality construction, and outstanding versatility make the Genuine Leather Case for 3-5 Black Cigars a favorite that will add personality to each of your cigar-inspired stories. Help your favorite cigar enthusiast tell his or her story and use this unique treasure as a gift.


Width 10.3 cm

Length 14 cm

Thickness 3.5 cm

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