Cigar Heaven 2nd Edition Electronic Humidifier



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The Cigar Heaven was chosen among all others as the official humidor for the legendary Ramon Allones Perfectos Edicion Regional Suiza humidor and Cohiba's Festival de la Habanos humidor, which sold for a record 450 thousand euros. Whether it's the rarest cigar collections or exclusively your favorite everyday cigars, Cigar Heaven - 2nd Generation puts the best in precision cigar humidification at your fingertips.

The calibratable device mounts on the lid of your humidifier and is powered by a built-in lithium-ion battery, which holds a charge for up to four weeks. A low battery alarm eliminates any thoughts about when to recharge, while a low water alarm lets you know when it's time to add water to the reservoir, which can hold enough water to last about two months.

A precise capacitive sensor works in unison with individually adjustable humidity settings to provide precise humidity control ranging from 40 to 80 percent relative humidity. An LCD screen displays current humidity and temperature settings, as well as minimum and maximum humidity levels. The LCD screen also shows a 3-day average of the humidity level, ensuring that you always have an accurate measurement of the actual condition of your cigars.

Ideal for a wide range of smaller tabletop humidifiers and cabinet humidifiers, Cigar Heaven gives you the peace of mind that your cigars will always be safe in an optimal environment. For this kind of peace of mind, Cigar Heaven will prove to be a very rewarding investment.


Height 2.9 cm

Width 10.2 cm

Length 18.4 cm

Weight 366 gr.

Capacity Approx. 300 cigars

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