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Foursquare's extraordinary new release is named after two great 'raconteurs' - Luca Gargano and Stephen Remsberg, both of whom are famous for their inextricably linked history with rum.

Raconteur was born out of the close collaboration between Richard Seale and Luca, and is the oldest release Foursquare has made so far with Velier. It is a blend of two rums: single and double matured. The former was aged for 17 years in ex-bourbon barrels, while the latter was initially aged for 5 years in ex-bourbon barrels, and later aged for another 12 years in an ex-Sherry Oloroso barrel.

As is customary for Foursquare, each rum is blended from double retort copper pot still and the traditional twin column coffey still before being placed in barrels.

70 Cl

61% Vol.

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