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In the traditional production of Rum by Foursquare there are not many elaborations aged in barrels of former cognac.

Foursquare Rum Distillery Sassafras matured for 3 years in ex bourbon before being transferred to ex cognac barrels for an additional 11 years of tropical maturation in Barbados. It was bottled in November 2020.

The rum is Single Blended so it is rum from a Single Distillery and is a blend of Pot and Column distilled rum. It was bottled at Cask Strength 61% ABV.
As for the presentation, it comes in the classic matte Velier bottle with the sturdy cardboard case. The color scheme used for this version is black, white and red. As with most versions of Velier, the presentation is fairly simple but still striking and focuses on providing the consumer with information about the actual rum rather than the Foursquare Rum Distillery Sassafras review.

There are 6,000 bottles of this limited edition version available worldwide. 
The name Sassafras comes from an aromatic flower / tree. In the past it was used to flavor Root Beer, although most brands now use an artificial flavor of Sassafras as a base.

By the glass Foursquare Rum Distillery Sassafras is mahogany in color with an orange hue. It is dark and intense in appearance.

The nose is full of dark dried fruit, sultanas and raisins. Fruity is added in the form of currants and blackberries. Lurking just below the fruity is a layer of oak spice well integrated with a rich dark vanilla and some citrus and some pineapple.

A further olfactory taste reveals the unmistakable influence of cognac, a bit of orange zest and a lighter note of white grapes, caramel and dried walnuts.

On the palate it starts with an intense influx of dark fruit and opens quickly on a medium palate with a range of oak spice, vanilla, rather heavy tannins and some lighter notes of toasted coconut.

The finish is extremely long and not overly heavy, always remaining surprisingly balanced.

70 Cl

61% Vol.

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