Grappa of Bolgheri Sassicaia


Tenuta San Guido


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Grappa di Sassicaia is made from the pomace of the famous Sassicaia wine from Tenuta San Guido, produced with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc grapes. The distillation takes place according to the artisanal method in a copper alembic, with steam boilers in a discontinuous cycle. Subsequently this grappa rests for 4 years in barrique and for a further 6 months in the oak barrels where Sassicaia was previously aged, from which it inherits complexity, structure and class.

This grappa has a bright amber yellow color. The nose brings delicate hints of wood and vanilla, enriched by pleasant notes of cocoa, coffee and licorice. In the mouth it shows a majestic grappa of rare elegance, rich and harmonious, with returns of sweet spices and coffee.

Perfect to serve on important occasions, this grappa is particularly suitable as a meditation distillate.


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