Long Pond Jamaica Pure Single Rum VRW 2006 15Th Anniversary LMDW Singapore




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This rum was distilled in 2006 and aged for 15 years in a single barrel n. 16 ex Bourbon. It was selected and bottled for French spirits merchants La Maison du Whiskey to celebrate their 15th anniversary in Singapore.

Established in 1753, Long Pond Distillery is located in Jamaica's Trelawny Parish, which is also home to the Hampden Estate. Its modern history begins in the 1940s, when Seagram chief Samuel Bronfman bought the distillery from the Jamaican government and began producing the Captain Morgan brand there. When Seagram was disbanded in the early 2000s, Diageo bought Captain Morgan and moved production to Clarendon. Long Pond has joined the National Rum of Jamaica, a company founded in 1985 and currently owned by the Jamaican government, Demerara Distillers in Guyana and Maison Ferrand in France. Long Pond produces rum using both John Dore stills and a Blair column still. Its production is highly regarded and the shortage of stocks caused by its closure between 2012 and 2017 and a fire in 2018 mean it is becoming increasingly sought after.

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59% Vol.