Habitation Velier White Takamaka 2018 Pure Single Rum


Habitation Velier


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Habitation Velier Takamaka White is the result of a new partnership between Velier and Richard and Bernard d’Offray, owners of the distillery located on the island of Mahé, in the Seychelles. It is produced exclusively from cane juice grown locally on granite soil. Distilled in pot still, it has a congeners content of 466.2 gr / hlpa, of which 12.2 are esters. Founded in 2002, Takamaka has a very artisanal rum production, which uses both molasses and sugar cane juice, which is quite rare in the Seychelles territory: a small cooperative of 40 independent growers cultivates some plots in the hills, in a remote area and no pesticides. Both fine and powerful, this pure single rum enhances the pure expression of cane juice.


70 Cl

56% Vol.