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This second release of Hampden Pagos was entirely aged in 80 ex-Sherry barrels sourced from Bodegas Fundador and specially purchased after being selected by Luca Gargano. The rum is composed of a 14-barrel blend of HLCF 2021, put to age in the barrels in June 2022.
Hampden Pagos is the first-ever experiment in aging Hampden rum in ex-Sherry barrels, and the name Pagos comes precisely from the definition of parcels and terroir in the Sherry tradition.
Founded in 1753, the Hampden Estate in Trelawny, in the grand cru of Jamaican rum, is famous for its intense pure single rum heavy pot stills, made with the same unique and secret methods that date back to the 18th century. Fermentation is extremely prolonged, with natural yeasts; distillation is 100 percent artisanal, in double retort copper pot stills; the water used throughout the production process comes from a pristine natural source. Aging takes place exclusively at Hampden, in a tropical climate.
Pagos is the perfect marriage of a rich, unique rum and the finest ex-Sherry barrels. An unmistakable flavor profile, a genuine rum that needs no tricks: strictly no added sugar.

70 Cl

52% Vol.

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