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Saint James


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The 1765 cuvée of Saint James is a selection of some of the best barrels chosen by Marc Sassier. They are small ex-bourbon barrels of 200 liters where the rum Agricole remained for at least 6 years of aging, well 3 years longer than the minimum aging required by the disciplinary of the Appellation D'igine Controllée of the Rum Agricole of Martinique. the reeds used for the production of Saint James 1765 come from the most suitable areas of Martinique, once arrived at the Sainte-Marie distillery, on the north-eastern coast of the island, are pressed, and the juice soaked with a part of water, after which the fermentation takes place in large stainless steel fermentation vats, using selected yeast, a fermentation lasting about 48 hours. Distillation in large steel Creole columns follows.

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