Savanna Wild Island Agricole 2012 8 y.o. Armagnac Finish



Rhum La Reunion

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A Rhum Agricole coming from cask 990 and finished in an ex-Armagnac cask.

Reunion is a small island off the east coast of Africa that is an overseas department of France. In addition to sugar production, the island is known for having one of the most active volcanoes on earth, with the last eruption occurring in April 2021! Savanna's Wild Island Edition allows rum enthusiasts to take a little tour around Reunion, with each of the bottles in the series showcasing a different style of rum and a different natural motif. This bottle carries the tree motif and is a fabulous example of agricultural rums. Usually rum is distilled from molasses, but rhum agricole is instead made from fresh sugarcane juice that results in a pure spirit with earthy, herbal qualities. Savanna 8 Years Old Wild Island Edition 2012 Cask #990 is aged for 8 years first in a cognac cask and then in an armagnac cask.

This bottle is a single cask bottling drawn from cask #990 and is one of only 765 bottles produced.

70 Cl

52.3% Vol.

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