Habitation Velier Worthy Park Pure Single Rum 2007


Habitation Velier

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hab Immersed in the lush Jamaican environment, the Worthy Park Estate was born in the distant 1670, when the whole estate was donated to Lieutenant Francis Prince for the services rendered to Oliver Cromwell during the English conquest of the island, at the time in Spanish hands. Since then in St. Catherine, sixty kilometers north of the capital Kingston, was founded what today can be considered the oldest still in production in the world. 
Worthy Park was born as a sugar refinery with an adjoining distillery, and nand the 10,000 hectares of company land, three fine varieties of sugar are grown, both for food use and for distillation; all the rums produced by Worthy Park are obtained from molasses coming exclusively from its own crops.
Worthy Park Estate produces rum in pure Jamaican style, distilling its own molasses according to two distinct fermentation processes, light and heavy, which differ in particular for the yeasts used. Made using a double fermentation pot still alembic, the rums proposed by Worthy Park Estate are of excellent quality: perfect as a base for cocktails such as Mojito, Mai Tai, Planter's Punch and Sour, Rum Bar White and Rum Bar Gold, aged in wood for at least 4 years, they cannot be missing in the selection of a creative bartender!

The 2007 Worthy Park Pure Single Rum already denotes hints of tropical fruit mainly pineapple and banana, melon, a citrus touch reminiscent of lime and sweet notes of brown sugar. On the palate it is soft and enveloping, with elegant toasted hints that refer to dried fruit and slight saline presences of the Caribbean Sea ... an elaborate of the highest level!


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