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This version is an authentic Pure Single Rum produced from a blend of 15 barrels distilled in 2010 and aged in Jamaica in an entirely tropical climate. Like all Long Pond rums, it preserves the tradition of the most authentic spirits of Trelawny, an area of great biodiversity that historically represents the grand cru of Jamaican rum. The distillation takes place in double retort Pot Still. STC ❤ E is a brand of the Cambridge Estate distillery, closed in 1947, reproduced by Long Pond. The Continental Flavored style is one of four classifications used in Jamaica and identifies rums with 700/1600 g / hlpa of esters at the time of distillation. This mark represents rums between 550/700 gr / hlpa. The angel'share share is> 55%. The esters are 853 gr / hlpa; the congeners are 2,184.6 gr / hlpa.


70 Cl

57% Vol.


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