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Richard Seale is certainly among the most innovative and influential Rum producers in the world. For years Richard has waged a battle against the addition of sugars in rum (which unfortunately often happens without customers being informed) and for the veracity of the aging on the label. His continuous effort to improve the sector, combined with his personal talent for innovation, has made Foursquare and Doorly's today among the best known rums by enthusiasts and experts all over the world.

Richard was also the first producer to experiment with different types of barrels for the refinement of his products.

Doorly's is the historical brand of Barbados with ancient origins. To better control taxation, in 1906 the government of Barbados passed the Rum Duty Act (now fortunately repealed) which forced distilleries to sell rum exclusively in cask, prohibiting them from reselling in containers smaller than 37 liters (10 gallons). For this reason many Bridgetown merchants became bottlers, including Martin Doorly who with his Macaw Rum became the most famous on the island and the first to be exported. 

Doorly's 12 years old, like all Doorly's rums, is produced by assembling rums distilled in pot stills and single column stills. The 12 year old is produced using 90% rum aged 12 years in ex-bourbon barrels and 10% rum aged 12 years in ex-madeira barrels.

Coppery color with red reflections. The nose is intense with aromas of chocolate, toffee and toasted barrel notes. Aging in Madeira adds rich hints of dried red fruits and banana.

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